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Project Creator:
America Grafton

The Journey to Mojave Art Collective: Conservation Through Community Art

America has always been an avid artist in many mediums, whether paint, pencil, or charcoal. She soon discovered she was deeply passionate about the environment and made an effort to learn more about the world around her.
Understanding the anthropogenic (human) impacts on the planet, such as deforestation, pollution (in its many forms), and intensive animal agriculture, - all leading to the wider climate crisis - America has chosen an Environmental Studies major at Hamilton College with the intention to reduce these harmful effects on our planet. 
She created Mojave Art Collective as an extension of her interests in creating art and helping the environment. She believes community involvement in this project will allow everyone to engage in and understand conservation work, which is crucial to building a strong educational foundation.
Although America formed Mojave Art Collective, she could not complete it alone! She is incredibly grateful for everyone who helped her along the way to make it possible. America especially thanks her exceptional artists, Boulder City businesses, and mentors.

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