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The Mojave Art Collective Story

Created by Boulder City High School graduate (2020) and Hamilton College student (2024), America Grafton, this project is inspired by her combined interests in the environment and art. America is determined to make a positive impact on her community and the wider world. She feels that education is the first step in environmental conservation - and what better way to showcase this than through art? America advocates for environmental art because it is something that anyone can interpret and understand! Through this, the Mojave Art Collective actively immerses the Boulder City community in conservation studies.

 America will also lead conservation information sessions for all ages groups (2-100). These allow all community members to get a better understanding of Nevada's endangered, threatened, and at-risk species. America realizes the importance of providing this information in a way that is engaging and comprehensive for all ages, so she has provided several sessions for all education areas. At the forefront of the Mojave Art Collective, it promotes education to understand the environment. Conservation and environmental knowledge is for everyone! It just needs to be translated in a way, whether through interpretative art or guided talks, so that everyone can understand and spread the information.


This project was designed to provide awareness and education for Nevada's at-risk, threatened, and endangered species through meaningful mural art and intentional conservation talks. America hopes this project will promote sustainability and conservation throughout the Mojave Desert and the rest of the world.

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