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Image by Cody Doherty


America Grafton presents an interactive virtual (Zoom) talk to young and older adults (14+), along with a few fun artistic opportunities for reflection and creativity in a virtual environment.

She provides information about the endangered species listing process, conservation and sustainability as concepts, different ways for people to help endangered species in their daily lives, in addition to other topics.

Conservation talks are meant to be understandable and engaging for every age group. In a wider sense, this is part of the Mojave Art Collective: combining art and environmental knowledge with community involvement and education. 


Through meaningful murals and intentional talks like these, America hopes to spread conservation education and support endangered species awareness and protection.

Applying Environmental Conservation

July 31, 2021

The Mojave Art Collective's first virtual session: Applying Environmental Conservation (Ages 14+) was engaging and interesting! America talked in a more broader sense today, rather than focusing on a single endangered species in Nevada. She covered topics such as the endangered species listing process; conservation vs preservation in theory, practice and their histories; ways to help endangered species and their habitats; and the Leave No Trace principles.

Participants utilized their virtual environment exceptionally well, adding thoughts and questions to the chat, while also calling out ideas and examples to share with everyone. By the end of the lecture portion, America challenged the group to create a collective art piece using Zoom Whiteboard and the annotation tool. Participants added elements that reflected topics they had learned earlier in the meeting, along with desert-themed (Nevada) figures. The final image can be found on our Art Collection page.

Thank you one and all for attending this special lecture! We had participants tuning in from 5 different states, with a large variety of age groups represented as well.

This is a recording from our Zoom meeting! Although it does not include everything that was said in the chat, we thank you all for your participation and thoughts during the session!

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